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The " one-size-fits all  " approach to education overlooks one important aspect that

" Every kid is unique"

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NIHOC The International School in Hyderabad

NIHOC The International School curriculum to bridge the skills gap between theory and application by fostering curiosity and a love of learning.

At NIHOC we believe in nurturing the whole child, encompassing academic achievements, emotional intelligence, social skills, and personal growth. Our programs foster creativity, critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. 

The curriculum, designed to ignite curiosity, encourages children to explore, ask questions, and think critically. It's a curriculum that values not just rote memorization but the development of skills like problem-solving, creativity, and effective communication. NIHOC understands that education is not just about grades but about nurturing the whole child –

Body, Mind and Soul

Discover Your "WINGS"

Nurturing Body,Mind and Soul for a Well-Rounded Education

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NIHOC Cambridge International Curriculum



 holistic development at NIHOC

Personal Growth

Holistic Education top school in Hyderabad
Early Years Programme
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Cambridge Learning Programmes

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Early Years Programme

PreKindergarten to KG2

EYP Learning to encourage creativity,

problem-solving, and social skills.

Child will engage in hands-on activities and

exploratory learning experiences.

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Primary Years Programme

Grade I to V

Inquiry-Based Learning: The PYP encourages inquiry-based learning, where students ask questions, explore topics of interest, and develop critical thinking skills.

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MYP- Middle and High Years Programme
cambridge curriculum

Middle and Secondary Years Programme

Grade VI to X

MYP encourages students to develop a global perspective. It incorporates global contexts into learning to help students understand how their studies relate to the world around them.

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Our NIHOC Family Says

NIHOC international school
"The Holistic Development School is a game-changer. Our sonAryan, used to struggle with traditional education. He felt disconnected and uninspired. Since joining this school, we've witnessed a remarkable transformation. The project-based learning approach has ignited his curiosity and problem-solving skills. The emphasis on practical life skills, entrepreneurship, and community engagement has given him a real-world perspective. We're confident that Ethan is not just excelling academically, but also becoming a responsible and capable young adult."


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We invite you to be a part of our vibrant learning community at NIHOC. Whether you're a student, parent, educator, or supporter, there's a place for you to contribute to our mission of shaping confident, compassionate, and capable individuals who will positively impact the world.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit. We look forward to welcoming you to the NIHOC family!

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About NIHOC The International School

Fostering Future Leaders Through Holistic Development

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